How To Get Cheap SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance rateReader’s Question:

My friend needs SR22 insurance coverage due to getting a DUI conviction. How can we get it or is it even possible now?


Carson City, NV

One of the most effective ways of finding SR22 insurance is by shopping around online. This can be easily done by just using the Internet and running a search for SR22 insurance. However, the trick in finding cheap rates lies on your ability to compare insurance quotes correctly. So will you do it?

Well, it’s quite easy. Let’s say you’ve already run a search for coverage and you’ve obtained several quotes from different insurance providers. Now, it’s time to compare the quotes that you’ve got in terms of cost and benefits. Remember, your friend’s SR22 status will only be removed provided that he is able to maintain this type of insurance for a period of three years (this could be longer depending on the seriousness of his violation). So it’s better to choose the coverage that would be beneficial for your friend in the long run. In addition, it’ important that your friend maintains his SR22 during the time that he is required to do so to avoid any problems in the future.

There are various online comparison websites where you can get online quotes from. All you need to do is put in your zip code and you will find multiple quotes from various car insurance companies. Just choose the best quote that you think will suit your needs.

That’s how you can get cheap SR22 insurance. Make sure to follow my advice so your friend would get the rates that he or she is hoping. Good luck!

Actually, there’s no auto insurance called SR22 insurance, but there is an SR-22 form which is used to file to the DMV to show  that you have certain insurance coverages in place that a state has required you to carry. You must show proof to your state that you are carrying the required minimum or higher Liability coverages that the state requires you for the SR-22 filing.

SR-22 requirements vary from state to state. Generally, convicted drivers may be required to reinstate driver’s license after a suspension or revocation due to DUI or driving without insurance. In most states when you are mandated to get a SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility you will have to carry it for three years.

Once you have filed the form and have the required SR22 insurance, now you can begin the process of re-instating your drivers license. This process can take a week or more, and your driver’s license will still be suspended until you receive a letter from the DMV.  The SR22 insurance filing cost is very affordable. However, the actual cost might vary from person to person based on their auto insurance policy.

There are many ways that you can get SR22 insurance quotes but the easiest way to get quotes online. Here you can get multiple quotes from different car insurance companies by just filling up one form. It is easy and quick. You can actually get different SR22 quotes for just a couple of seconds or minutes. Why don’t you try it now.